Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Can't Turn Back Time

there's an old saying that time is gold.. perhaps, it is.. you really have to value the time you are consuming coz it might be late for you to realize that you just lost a very special moment in your life... or that you've wasted too much time and effort on something (or someone for that matter) that is not worth every single bit of it.
you don't have any option to turn back the time and change your decision but instead, just look back on the things that has happened. trying to console yourself with "just charge it to experience" or something like "at least you've tried" lines.. pursuing yourself not to feel so stupid that you gave in to something very unlikely of you giving in..when all those times you just don't care of what will happen next or what would it cost you to indulge on that situation..all those times, you just don't care because it is somehow giving a positive effect on you. you just don't care because the situation is somehow making you happy and ecstatic.. you just don't care because you feel like you're the most lucky person in the world being in that situation.. without having any hint that one day you'll be in another situation very opposite with all those times.. the situation where you'll feel very stupid that you've been somehow happy during all those times..very stupid that you didn't even think that you'll be in this situation regretting the very first moment you gave in. the situation where you just can't help blaming yourself for justifying everything all those times..but the heck of it all! you can't just turn back time...

Sunday, March 9, 2008


i just had the worst and the best moment of my life in a matter of 2 or 3 hour gap... i went home this morning with a very overwhelming sad feeling.. i just had the most frustrating, most disappointing, and most embarrassing night in my life... i slept for 1 to 2 hours then i went to church for the Sunday service, still with the worst feeling I've had for the night. the service was so good that it really made me feel like God is talking to me, making me feel better.i just can relate to every scriptures presented during the service. the prayers really made me cry. for I've always been struggling to do what i should do and what every person know is right. but i just can't stick to what i've tried to change. there will always be those times that i can't do anything but to just give in to the things im trying to avoid doing. and i just had all the answers on how i'll start sticking to what i think is right. hope i can really stick to it. =)

Vitamin C for wound healing

Ascorbic acid is a well known immune system booster and is included in almost all multivitamins and food supplement. Also, it has been reported over the years, to have an important role in wound healing. Oftentimes, surgeons prescribed Vitamin C to patients who have under gone an operation. Technically speaking, Vitamin C promotes collagen formation necessary for tissue formation. Futhermore, it has been reported that prolonged exposure of cultures of human connective-tissue cells to ascorbate (the active form of ascorbic acid) induced an eight-fold increase in the synthesis of collagen with no increase in the rate of synthesis of other proteins (Murad et al., 1981). Thus, it helps in the formation of polypeptide chain of procollagen by the hydroxylation of proline (one of the amino acid needed for collagen formation) residue that secures the chain in the triple helix of the collagen, and the hydroxylation of lysine (another amino acid) into hydroxylysine that needed to permit the cross-linking of the triple helices into the fibers and network of tissues.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Just Friends

i dont know when it started..
i cant remember how..
i cant find the reason why..
when we intended to be just friends...

we did lots of thing together,
spend lots of times with each other,
even crossed the line of being just friends,
at one point or another...

then something came up...
brought us back from insanity
of trying to be for each other
reminded us to be just friends...

we both know its better that way,
i do believe it is
but then, there's something odd inside me
surfacing into my conciousness..

i began groping for words
trying to see in perspective
holding on to rationality
till there's not much to do...

realization's overwhelming
it's making me weak
finally, im in love again
yet, to someone im supposed to be just a friend...

(*_*) jena